XMTG-3000 Single Time Control Intelligent Time Relay

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Ⅰ.Main technical Indexes1、Display method:4-LED display directly the time                   2、Range:0~999S  3、Clock accuracy:0.005%F.S                          4、Power consumption:<3W5、Output contact capacity:AC220V  3A(resistance load)       6、Power supply :AC85V~242V    50HZ7...

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Ⅰ.Main technical Indexes

1、Display method:4-LED display directly the time                   


3、Clock accuracy:0.005%F.S                          

4、Power consumption:<3W

5、Output contact capacity:AC220V  3A(resistance load)       

6、Power supply :AC85V~242V    50HZ

7、Working circumstance:temperature0~50℃,humidity﹤85%RH without corrosive gas occasion.

Ⅱ.Controller panel (consult)


Ⅲ. Operation

1, the instruments according to the wiring diagram wiring, and then to meter electricity, instrument from 0 began to timing, the OUT lights, and the lower meter terminals (7, 8) conduction, the set time is reached, the instrument stop timing, OUT lamp, and the meter terminal total and low off, high and total (6, terminal 7) conduction.

2, time setting, press the SET key for 3 seconds, digital tube flashing, according to data reduction, increase the key setting time; if you need to change the setting time, press the SET key for 3 seconds, digital tube flashing, press on the button, change the setting value, set up after the 3 seconds the meter automatically back on time interrupt timing.

Ⅳ. Fault Analysis and Clearance

XMTG*3000 series time relay adopt advanced production process, and have the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it, and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 4-1 is the usual fault of XMTG*3000 series time relay in the daily application:

Sheet4-1 Common fault disposal


★Remark:Our company will improve product technology, design and specification, it is confirm to the object.

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