Table style humidity and thermometer

Table style humidity and thermometer

Ⅰ、Characteristic function

  1. Have a large LCD display

  2. Display temperature and humidity

  3. and can switch

  4. The clock shows in 12/24 hours

  5. The function of the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity in memory

  6. The function of the strikes the hour

  7. The function of alarm clock every day

  8. Display the calendar

    Ⅱ、Technical specification

  1. Temperature Range: 50℃~+70(58℉~+158)

  2. Humidity Range: 10%RH99%RH

  3. Acuteness of display: Temperature: 0.1(0.2 ); Humidity: 1%RH

  4. Accuracy: Temperature: ±0.1; Humidity: ±5%RH

  5. Voltage: 1.5V

    Ⅲ、Operation explaining

    1. The function of the key-press

    MODEcan switch the hour and minute/setup the timealarm clock12 or 24 hourdate; ADJthe adjustment is established the project the value; MEMORYdisplay and clear the memory of the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity; 【℃/℉】 switch the and ; RESETclear all setup and memory, return the Original state

    2. In the original state press MODE2S, when the minute flickered, press ADJcan adjust minute, continuance pressingMODEcan setup “clock”“12/24” “month” and  “date”.

    3. When in the clock mode , pressMODEone time, display clock mode, in this time pressADJcan change alarm function/ hour alarm function open and close. PressMODE2S again, can setup the alarm time, and open the strikes the hour.

    4. When in the alarm mode , if no people to setup after one minute can return the currently clock, in this time pressADJcan display the calendar, after 3S can return the currently clock. Press MAX/MIN, can display the maximum temperature and humidity after the last clear.

    5. PressMEMORYcan display the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity in the memory, PressMEMORYmore than 2S can clear the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity in the memory. 

    *Note: The first use and change the battery please pressRESET

Post time: May-23-2020