Welcome to Yuyao Changjiang Temperature meter Factory

Yuyao Changjiang Temperature meter Factory is a high-tech-oriented, set technology design, manufacturing, sales of the combination of temperature control instrumentation of the Enterprise group, the company was established in 1995, has been the temperature control instrumentation for the leading products, has accumulated more than more than 20 years of production and application experience , the company is the domestic temperature meter manufacturers of leading enterprises, the annual production and sales temperature control instrumentation more than 500,000 units, the company has a modern production equipment, including automatic computer mounter production lines, lead-free double wave soldering machine production equipment lines; In order to ensure product quality, the company has large high-temperature aging room, an aging of various types of temperature control instrumentation more than 10,000 units, to ensure that each factory product power aging more than 72 hours; to ensure the reliability of the product design company also has EMI, EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment and temperature and humidity environment laboratory, such as a number of modern testing equipment, So that can ensure the production of high-quality, high-precision, high reliability, long service life and low-temperature bleaching products; The company through is9001-2008 and strictly in this system operation, Yiu Yi series of products all through the CE certification, some key products have passed the United States UL certification, with the manufacture of measuring equipment license (CMC Zhejiang system 02810232), in 2006 to fully enable the lead-free welding process, Meet European ROHS standards ahead of time and contribute to protecting our environment.

Post time: Mar-05-2019