EU-08 Universal Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

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EU-08RTPDigital temperature display/control instrument Ⅰ、Main Technical Indexes1. Measurement deviation:Class±0.5%F·S±1B,additional cold end compensationdeviation ±1℃2. Input Type:CU50(-50~150.0)、PT100(-199.9~600.0)、K(-30~1300)、E(-30~700)、J(-30~900)、T(199~400)、S(-...

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Digital temperature display/control instrument 

Ⅰ、Main Technical Indexes

1. Measurement deviation:Class±0.5%F·S±1B,additional cold end compensation

deviation ±1℃

2. Input Type:CU50(-50~150.0)、PT100(-199.9~600.0)、K(-30~1300)、


R(-30~1700)、0~10V (-1999~9999) 、4~20mA (-1999~9999)、

3. Relay output contact capacity:AC220V , 5A(resistance load)

4. Linearity output:4~20mA(Client can adjust by himself)

5. Power output: 24VDC

6. 0.8"LED tube and four digit display

7. Size and Installation hole(mm):96×48×110   92×44

8. Working power:AC 85V~242V,50/60HZ

9. Working condition:0~50℃,relative humidity≤85%,without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅱ、Instrument panel and connection scheme


Notice: linearity voltage0~10V can be input directly by 1、4 terminaland the input of linearity current  4~20 mA  can connect 4、5 terminal use lead then input signal from 1、4 terminal.

Ⅲ、Interior parameter


Notice:When thermocouple and thermal resistance input,the decimal point set up the range of

0~1;when current and voltage input ,the decimal point set up the range of 0~3。

Meter flow chart:


Ⅳ、Meter Operation 

1、 Electrify after take into the power,sensor and control circuit according to the connection scheme,and then the instrument start testing itself for 1 second.

2、Interior parameter setting(Technical Indexes refer to the sheet3-1)

(1) The first menu

Press SET key 3 second enter into the first menu,the window display parameter code then display parameter value.Press▲or ▼key to modofy,for long time to press the key can accelerate. After modification,press SET key to save and enter into next Indexs setting. If within 10 seconds do not press every key then it will automatically to preserve the data and withdraw the setting.  (2) The second menu

Press SET and▲key 3 second enter into the second menu,and the setting method is the same as the first menu.

3、linearity output

Parameter OUTH、OUTL output upper limit and lower limit for linearity current;When output is 4~20mA,OUTL=40,OUTH=200,the client can adjust by himself through connecting ammeter.

4. Some useful samples for calibration :

(1). For input of 4-20mADC ( or 0-10V), Such as

If you want to display 4mA=0 and 20mA=1000, normally set DIL=0 and DIH=1000.In case it displays 4mA=0 and 20mA=993, Please reset DIL=0 and DIH=1007 for calibration. After calibration , the meter will display 4mA=0 and 20mA=1000 as you expect.

(2).SC setting: It is usefull calibration for different between display value and measuring value.

For example , If the measuring value is 3 more or less than display valve, set SC=-3 or 3 for calibration.

Ⅴ、Fault Analysis and Clearance

EU-08RTP adopts advanced production process, and has the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault is caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it,and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 5-1 is the usual fault of EU-08RTP in the daily application:

Sheet 5-1 Common fault handling


Attached 1:Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter


Remark:Our company will improve product technology、design and specification,it is confirm to the object.


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