XMT-808 Series Universal Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

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XMT*-808 series INTELLIGENCE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLEROPERATION MANUALⅠ、SurveyXMT*808 series intelligence temperature controller uses nowadays the most advanced monolithic microcomputer as mainframe,reduce peripheral assembly,and improve the reliability;It adopts the control method of vague t...

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XMT*808 series intelligence temperature controller uses nowadays the most advanced monolithic microcomputer as mainframe,reduce peripheral assembly,and improve the reliability;It adopts the control method of vague theory combined with traditional PID control, and make the control process with the advantage of rapid response、small overshoot、high steady state precision. It is intelligence temperature controller with the function of high performance、high reliability、complete input,its function is suitable to all the occasion needed temperature measurement and control,also be compatible with other industrial parameter measurement and control.

It adopts modular structure,further improve overall performance;The meter is operated with 4-keys,dual row 4-LED display for displaying the measurement value and set value or measurement value and output value, with manual /automatic switch and setting itself function;with characteristic of small volume、low power consumption、convenient operation、steady and reliable of running;They are now widely used for the automatic control system over the area of machinery, chemical, ceramics, light industry, metallurgy, petrifaction, heat treatment industry.

Ⅱ、Technical standard

2.1、Input and range(one meter can be compatible):

① Thermocouple:K(-50~1300℃)、S(-50~+1700℃)、T(-200~+350℃)、E(0~800℃)、J(0~1000℃)、B(0~1800℃)、N(0~1300℃)、WRe(0~2300℃)

② Thermal resistancer:CU50(-50~150℃)、PT100(-20~600℃);

③ Linearity voltage:0~5V、1~5V、0~1V、0~100mV、0~20mV;

④ Linearity current(with diffluent resistance):0~10mA、0~20mA、4~20mA

⑤ Linearity input: -1999~+9999 (user freely setting)2.2、precision:

①  Input by thermal resistance , linearity voltage and linearity current 0.5F·S+1

②  Thermocouple input adopt copper resistance or freezing compensate cold end 0.5 F·S +1;

③  Although the meter can measure B、S、WRE during the temperature 0~600℃,its measurement  could not reach 0.5 class;

④  differentiate rate:1、0.1;

2.3、response time: 0.5s (filter parameter sets 0)

2.4、Adjusting mode:

①  ON/OFF control method(Return difference can be adjusted);

②  Common PID control(with the parameter of self-setting function)

③ Intelligence adjustment(including vague PID adjustment and advanced control algorithm with the parameter of self-setting function);

2.5、Output specification:it make out directly output parameter modularity or without modularity:

① The switch of relay contact point output(open+ closed):250VAC/7A or 30VDC/10A;

② SSR voltage:12VDC/30mA(apply for driving SSR relay);

③ Contact point output with controllable silicon: can contact 5~500A two directions controllable silicon;2 separate directions controllable silicon opposite direction parallel.  

④ Liner electric current output: initial current and terminal current value can be defined when the output is 0~24mA(voltage range 11~23VDC);

2.6、Communication:Support RS485communication mode,adopt AIBUS communication agreement,and baud rate support the below selection :1200bps、4800bps、7200bps、9600bps

2.7、Alarm:Support two passive contact output,relay contact 250VAC/7A;It has four methods including upper limit, lower limit, positive deviation ,negative deviation .It can output 2 ways at most;

2.8、Tolerance for pressure when it is segregated:Between electric power ,relay’s contact and signal’s end ,do 2000V pressure tolerance test 1s,there is  no abnormal phenomenon;

2.9、Movement with hand: Automatic /Manual;

2.10、Power supply:

①  85V-242VAC,50-60HZ;power consumption ≤4W

②  24VDC/AC  power consumption≤4W ;

③  220VAC±10% 50HZ;power consumption≤4W                

2.11、working circumstance :

Environment temperature:0~50℃,humidity ≤85%,no corrode and strong electromagnetism disturb;

2.12、Product authentication:XMT*-808 series temperature meter acquire CE authentication and ROHS Environmental Protection authentication.

Ⅲ、Model selection


3.2 Product code

XMT       8      8   □□

(1) (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)

(1) The External dimension

Blank:160×80×120   Installation hole 152×76;

A:96×96×110      Installation hole 92×92;

D:72×72×110      Installation hole 68×68;  

E: 48×96×110     Installation hole 44×92;  

F:96×48×110      Installation hole 92×44;  

S:80×160×120     Installation hole 76×156

G:48×48×110      Installation hole 44×44    

(2) Control Mode‘8’:four key set, two row LED display,,fuzzy control.

(3) Additional alarm:‘0’:no alarm ;     ‘1’:one group alarm;

‘3’:two group alarms  ‘5’:voice alarm

(4) Signal input type:‘8’:freely exchange signal

(5) Suffix:

Main control output method:

‘Blank’:relay’s open and closed contact output;

‘A’:Single-phase over-zero spark pulse;                   

‘A3’:Three-phase over-zero spark pulse;

 ‘B’:Single-phase shift-phase spark pulse;                   

‘B3’:Three-phase shift-phase spark pulse;

 ‘C’:0~10mA or 4~20mA constant electric current output      

‘E’:Linearity voltage output;

‘G’:ON/OFF solid state relay(SSR)adjustment output;

Auxiliary ways:

‘K’:with RS485 or RS232 communication module interface;    

‘Wt’:with micro-printer output signal;

‘V’:DC24V、DC12V、DC5V output;‘P’:30 segment program

Panel Explanation

4.1 Panel chart 


4.2 Panel explanation

1、PV——- Measured value indicator (red)       

2、SV——- Set value indicator (green)

3、A-M——– manual indicator lamp or setting itself(green)    

4、ALM1—— AL1 indicator(red)

5、ALM2—— AL2 indicator(red)   

6、OUT——–output indicator(green)     

7、 SET——–function key             

8、◄———– data automatic/manual shift function key  

9、▼——-Data reduce key          

10、▲——-Data addend key

function and setting

5.1 Operation flow chart


Fault Analysis and Clearance

XMT*808 series adopt advanced production process, and have the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it,and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 6-1 is the usual fault of XMT*808 series in the daily application:

Sheet 6-1 Common fault handling

fault symptom analysis of causes Disposal  measurement
Abnormal power(blank screen 1poor contact of power cord  2power switch without lose Check the power
Signal display do not correlate with the facts.display “orAL” 1Wrong setting of input specification(Sn2Wrong signal connection.

3Sensor break down

4Input measurement signal exceed range

1check input specification2check signal wire

3check the sensor

4check input signal

Abnormal alarm output 1incorrect alarm defination parameter setting 1set alarm definition parameter value again.
Abnormal PID output Incorrect PID parameter settingsuch as proportionintegraldifferential parameter and so on. Turn on setting itself again
Attached1Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter2
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