• XMT-JK408 Series Multi Way Intelligent Temperature Controller

    XMT-JK408 Series Multi Way Intelligent Temperature Controller

    XMT*JK four-way temperature controller can connect four sensors synchronously and conveniently, diminish the instrument’s volume. It has a separate auto-tune mode and PID parameter function with more precision and more reliability in whole machine control.
  • Pressure Type Temperature Sensor

    Pressure Type Temperature Sensor

    New measuring temperature sensor for kinds of machineries of package, clothing, printing, rubber and food, etc., and for electric furnace industry. They can measure temperatures of liquid, steam, gas and solid in producing. Characteristics are shock resistant, high-temperature resistant and long life. Used for temperature measuring and automatic controlling in scope from -200 to 1600oC.
  • XMT-808 Series Universal Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

    XMT-808 Series Universal Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

    XMT*808 series intelligence temperature controller uses nowadays the most advanced monolithic microcomputer as mainframe,reduce peripheral assembly,and improve the reliability;It adopts the control method of vague theory combined with traditional PID control, and make the control process with the advantage of rapid response、small overshoot、high steady state precision. It is intelligence temperature controller with the function of high performance、high reliability、complete input,its function is suitable to all the occasion needed temperature measurement and control,also be compatible with other industrial parameter measurement and control.

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Yuyao changjiang Temperature Meter Factory (Yuyao Gongyi Meter co.,Ltd.) is an enterprise group which is dominated by high technology and integrates technical design, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1995 , Has been the temperature controller-led products, has accumulated more than 20 years of production and application experience; company is the leading manufacturer of domestic temperature controller manufacturers, the annual production and sales of temperature controllers over 500,000 , the company has Modern production equipment, including automatic computer chip machine production lines, lead-free dual-wave soldering machine and other production equipment pipeline.

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